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Studying lighting in Source Filmmaker. I’m a photographer, but lighting rigs are way out of my price range right now, so SFM gives me the perfect tools to learn about lighting shots without costing me a dime. Thanks Valve. My biggest SFM inspiration is KrasniyB, especially this movie (NSFW). Very Refn-like qualities to his lighting and shot composition that I’d like to emulate in my paintings and photos.

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My minecraft journey, part deux: A natural rock in the shape of an AT-AT, and some gorgeous cliff streams and arches.

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Found an interesting little place in minecraft… I like how it has a sort of natural ‘roof’ over it, with pillars. Very neat, I’d love to see it in real life. A double-decker field!

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Downtown Maple Falls.

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PALLETPORT by pleyita.tumblr.com

Palletport is a compact island world meant for a handful of sims. It requires minimal custom content. The file includes the empty .world file, and an optional save file which can be installed to play it with pre-built community lots I have made. It also includes a read-me and installation guide.


Palletport has been released as a milestone gift for Hayley reaching 1500 pounds in her gofundme campaign! Yaaaay! For those who do not know, fellow simmer Hayley (loobyloucreations) needs a new, motorized wheelchair, as she is unable to push her manual one herself. Her gofundme can be found HERE, if you have any spare change please consider helping Hayley get a new wheelchair to give her some of her independence back.

NOTE: Failure to read the included readme file before asking me a question or asking about a problem will make me spam terrible 90’s music videos at you instead of answering your question. Don’t poke the grumpypants.



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Working on my own little personal project; I edited Maple Falls in CAW to make it much, much smaller and have been working away at a little colorful town nestled in the hills where my berry sims will live.
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A small spectrum of colorful men to populate my world.

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Pleyita’s YUMMY Pattern Pack in support of Hayley

Hi everyone! This is a set of food-themed Sims 3 patterns that are fully recolorable that I have made a while back for personal use. I decided to release them to coincide with a campaign to help a fellow simmer with a disability get a new wheelchair and foldable ramp which will help her be more independent and comfortable.

HERE is the GoFundMe for Hayley. If you have any spare change, please help a fellow simmer in need.

These patterns appear under the Abstract category in Create-A-Style. Some of the foods are rotated or flipped to make the pattern look great when tiled! Try using these for walls and carpets, it’s very cute. These are in .package format, so you can just shove them in your mods folder.


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  • Me:The Sims 3 loading screen just gave me the tip 'Be careful when detonating public property'.
  • My fiancé:Oh, good. I'm glad that message is there for the kids.
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    oh uh

    my bad

    i see you’re having a private moment

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    Hey guys I just got engaged!

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    WARM TONES by pleyita

    #D18D42 #FFCE4E #FDE197 #FFF3BC

    #D36C4B #F8A85F #FFD19F #FFEACF

    #C71014 #F5464B #F79F93 #FFCEBF

    #BE616C #EB6E8E #FBB4C2 #FFD8DC

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    Pleyita’s Playful Kitchen Poster Set

    Hi everyone! I saw these posters on Etsy by noodlehug and they were so colorful and cute, perfect for my game. So I edited the colours a little, and made eleven of them into posters for your kitchen. (*cough* Okay, I lied, one of them is a laundry-related poster and another is a vacuum. Sue me.)

    You can preview all of the included posters by clicking HERE. Mesh by Awesims, and prints by noodlehug.