Swatchery blog is empty? is the name changed or anything?

I deleted Swatchery last week (didn’t use it very much and was cleaning up my sub-blogs). Someone else has reserved the blog name Swatchery, probably after checking for it and seeing it was gone. So that’s not mine, sorry.

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I’m so behind on my messages.

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omg, what is the texture pack, i might actually get more into minecraft if i had this *_*

It’s mostly the FeatherCloud Ultimate pack, but I replaced many of the textures with some textures from the Painterly Pack (such as flowers, tools, some other misc stuff.)

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Pleyita plays Minecraft. :]

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Finally decided on a layout for Quaintcoast 2: Electric Boogaloo.

It only took me 3 months…

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ok i was in the shower and then i thought “it is a crime that spongebob never had an episode where they danced to rock lobster”

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Recolorable Community Lot Signs →


Hey, this is my world Calling Cay! :3


I haven’t found myself to boot up ts3 lately for some reason. pleyita's nice and vibrant screens is the reason for why I even booted up this game today atleast. I still don't feel like playing but I had to try it out since his editing is simply stunning and I wanted to aquire the same results as him. I have a long way to go but I feel like i’m making progress.

I like it!

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Ugh I so desperately need huge shop signs. Like, you know, the ones that come with University Life— but recolorable. I can’t use the same sign over and over again, at the very least without making it a different colour to make it look less the same. -__-

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