George heard the chime of the truck down the street,

and counted the change for a de-lish frozen treat.

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  1. Hi there! Pretty much all of my hairs are by sunpi, including that one. It’s in the big hair dump at the top.
  2. Aw, thanks! I don’t usually play the Sims, so it is great that the Doe family are fun to play for me. It helps that I’ve been getting a lot of fan mail about them, too, so I know they’re accepted around here. :D
  3. You’re so sweet. :3
  4. About a year ago I upgraded my RAM from 4GB to 16GB. I also installed an SSD, which is way better than a standard HD, not needing any defragging and highly durable. Also, always upgrade your drivers. Look for graphics driver updates every few months.
  5. I don’t know what you mean by wallpapers, or which ones. Perhaps you mean the soft walls by SimsInSpring?
  6. There’s a little copyright symbol on the bottom right of my blog, it’s credit to the theme creator. Be aware that I’ve heavily edited the theme’s HTML/CSS, though, to suit my liking, so you can’t really get my exact theme, sorry.
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Even the little accomplishments are worth celebrating.

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In which George adopts a bird. (His name is Archimedes.)

"Look, Jane!" George says, bird perched on his hand,

this is the first time he has seen one firsthand.

Let alone touched one— “Oh, he sings little songs! ♫”

Jane sighs, “Oh jeeze, put it back where it belongs.”

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The interstellar sweethearts Janeand George Doeare about to embark on a curious journey on this little, nifty planet Earth, learn to live and love how humans do, learn the ups and downs of parenting, and appreciate the culture, nature, and leisure all around them. But first, let’s meet the Doe family, shall we?



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The aliens’ new home on a quaint little street,

who knows what kind of humans they’ll meet?

Will the townsfolk find them strange?

(Either way— this galaxy’s a welcome change.)

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The Doe house.

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Jane and George Doe, the aliens-next-door.

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Updated my theme and added a tags list, resource page (under construction), updated my FAQ/ask page, and made a nifty friends page to show appreciation for my buds here on simblr.

Happy bunny day, everyone! :3

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  1. I will, sometime! I’ve been away from home the past month, so I have been busy. It’s not dead forever though.
  2. Hi there, those are recolourable pillows by SimsInSpring. You can find it on their blog.
  3. lol you want a 2011 Macbook Pro? No you don’t. My advice is to make your own desktop! Even desktops made on the cheap can run modern games very well. I’m going to eventually make a new desktop for myself, when my macbook’s performance issues with games get too much to bear. It is very laggy and sluggish when playing a select few games (Saints Row, Mirror’s Edge, PAYDAY 2, The Sims 3)
  4. No problem! Twinbrook is pretty with some tweaking.
  5. I will be making a resource post very soon with my CAS and build/buy resources, so stay tuned and that’ll be up soon.
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Jack Hale (also known as pleyita)

computer whiz • commitment issues • heavy sleeper • photographer’s eye • good sense of humor

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  1. Hi there, thanks! The walls you are looking for are the Soft Walls sets by SimsInSpring. There’s like three or four different sets, I just linked one but the rest can be found on her blog too.
  2. Payden Nomial was supposed to look like a cabbage. Because she’s a sauerkraut. It’s okay you can throw a tomato on stage for that one
  3. Technically Quaintcoast is basegame compatible. As in, it won’t (or shouldn’t, rather) break your game if you install it with only the basegame installed. It’ll just be missing some trees, which just means you’ll have to place more yourself. Also, Quaintcoast is technically CC free, rabbit hole rugs are recommended but there is also a tutorial on how to make custom rabbit holes without rabbithole rug CC by placing rabbit holes in the basement of your lot.
  4. Thanks! I haven’t been building or decorating at all lately, I’ve been IRL busy and when I haven’t been IRL busy I’ve been just messing around making sims, but when I get back into it I’ll post more decorating!
  5. Sorry anon I’m only an expert on Canadian swallows so you’ll have to ask Euro and African simblrs about the other types.
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