Confession time: I’m becoming a little obsessed with pleyita…

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Payden doing what she does best

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Orwell, ever the weasel, easily persuading a crowd to join his cause. The jewelry store owner refused to let him pay off a watch on a payment plan, because he has a history of never paying back his dues, and, well, Orwell finds revenge sweet.

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can i just say that i am totally in love *like, really really. i'm scrolling for hours* with your houses and how cute your whole game is?? *this means i will hug your game. yep, it's possible* *i'll make it possible* :3 thank you for such a pleasure for the eyes <3

Cutest fan mail. Thanks for liking my stuff.

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When you live alone, you always get to lick the spoon.

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HEY YOU GUYS. I made a design for the Valve Store. If it gets enough votes, they’ll make it in real life. Cool, huh?

Anyway, I don’t mean to clog your dashboard so I’ll only mention it once— if you have a Steam account, I’d really appreciate a rate/thumbs up and some feedback. It’s so hard to get a design upvoted in a sea of submissions.

Go and see it here!

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Fixed my issue. Thanks to those who messaged me to help!

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Someone asked where Ophelia's hair is from, it's from Master Suite Stuff! c:

Well there we go! Thank you for that.

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