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Addressing questions about my Minecraft stuff

I got like 3712893712897 inbox messages about my Minecraft textures, mods, etc so it’s easier to address all questions at once here. 

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simriously reblogged your post Non-sims: A little Minecraft house I … and added:

omg have you been making your own texture pack by mixing parts from other ones?? because I recognise some textures!!

Yeah, I throw whatever textures I like from separate packs into one pack for my personal use. I use mostly FeatherCloud as my base but add textures from other packs to that one.

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Non-sims: A little Minecraft house I worked on today.

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Nine butterfly pictures on a small painting mesh by Around the Sims. The pictures are from vintage science textbooks and come in a bunch of colours.


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Astrid’s little trailer.

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whispers: finally discovered where all the glorious old posts and downloads from pleyita went to and now i’m liking and queue’ing up everything i see on my way. praise the lord.

i see u, twbs

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Bigby Wolf

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The Sims 4 is too dark and contrasted for me to play. :( I have eye problems and the environment is either too dark or too vivid. I guess I will stick to TS3! I really hope many of you are enjoying TS4!

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Personally I can’t wait for TS4 to TS3 conversions. I like a lot of the objects in it!


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PIXEL PALETTE NO. 1 [Click here.]

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Working on a few rabbit hole lots for myself, what do you think of this one so far? (Sorry for the lame build mode screenshot!) To the left is a smoothie shop (bistro), the middle is the business and journalism rabbit hole, and to the right is the grocery store. 

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