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Just an update on the new world I’m working on

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oh uh

my bad

i see you’re having a private moment

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Sunset in Minecraft.

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Coming soon…

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Hey guys I just got engaged!

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WARM TONES by pleyita

#D18D42 #FFCE4E #FDE197 #FFF3BC


#C71014 #F5464B #F79F93 #FFCEBF


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Pleyita’s Playful Kitchen Poster Set

Hi everyone! I saw these posters on Etsy by noodlehug and they were so colorful and cute, perfect for my game. So I edited the colours a little, and made eleven of them into posters for your kitchen. (*cough* Okay, I lied, one of them is a laundry-related poster and another is a vacuum. Sue me.)

You can preview all of the included posters by clicking HERE. Mesh by Awesims, and prints by noodlehug.


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Here’s more progress on these polaroids… I’ve had to make some compromises. In order for me to be able to make them un-snap from the grid (with the alt key) I need to categorize them as sculptures rather than wall hangings. But other than that, these are great. They can be put on an OMSP (even the ones that resize and object, see the leftmost one) and dragged, placed up or down, and overlap each other and get as close to each other as you want. Once I’m done working these out I’m gonna make some other sizes of pictures too (not just polaroids) so one could make a kinda collage wall out of them, like these from The Sims 2.

My only big problem is the fact I cannot make these go down as low as I want them to. The mesh I’m using (wallwriting by aikea-guinea) is far up off the ground and I, ideally, wanted these to be almost down to the floor (so that if one wanted to move them up/down, the OMSP won’t sink into the floor when shifted downward too far)… But beggars can’t be choosers, I guess, and I have no meshing experience so I can’t do it myself. Ah well. I’ll work with what I got.

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I’m working on some tiny polaroids for walls. How cute are these, right?! :3

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I’m bored. Anyone wanna hang out with me?

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Addressing questions about my Minecraft stuff

I got like 3712893712897 inbox messages about my Minecraft textures, mods, etc so it’s easier to address all questions at once here. 

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Non-sims: A little Minecraft house I worked on today.

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Nine butterfly pictures on a small painting mesh by Around the Sims. The pictures are from vintage science textbooks and come in a bunch of colours.